The east end of long island contains many islands. Some are residential such as fisher's island, others more private and mysterious.

Gardiner's Island is the famous island between the forks where pirate Captain Kidd buried his treasure almost 300 years ago. Robin's Island is another privately owned island that people know very little about. The most mysterious of the bunch is Plum Island, where animal disease testing goes on. Plum island is closed to the public, with only workers at the center for Plum Island Animal Disease Center being allowed on.

Great Gull Island is used mostly for research and Little Gull Island is too small for anything other than its lighthouse.

Some consider Cartwright Island and Gardiners Point Island (the Ruins) to be part of Gardiner's Island, but we created a separate category for them as well. Block Island, while technically belonging to the state of Rhode Island, is a popular summer destination for east end boaters and we thus decided to include it in our site.

While they may not be the first thing on ones mind when thinking of the east end, they certainly strike curiosity in most east end travelers.
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